Koyo Loans

Scaling Fairer Personal Loans

Koyo is an innovative fintech company leveraging open-banking to democratise access to personal finance for ‘thin-file’ customers, like expats and students who traditional lending institutions are failing to serve due to outdated credit scoring methods. Growthcurve was appointed as Koyo’s Agency of Record for Customer Acquisition and was tasked with running the Paid Social and Paid Search activity.

In paid search - we were able to leverage our proprietary technology to launch over 700 precision targeted single keyword ad-groups - using terms our data team had modelled as most likely to convert, we then optimised campaigns based on post click conversions, like ‘loan application started’ and ‘successful loan application’ to maximise results.

For our social User Acquisition campaigns we developed a suite of thumb-stopping ad creative in multiple formats for Facebook and Instagram, building on Koyo’s welcoming, illustrative brand style incorporating motion graphics, 3D, bespoke illustration and animation. Our media team used first party data to build high-potential audiences and ran several iterations of creative testing to lock on to the most effective audience and ad combinations. The testing process not only helped significantly decrease Cost Per Result but also provided great insight on the features each audience found most compelling.

Our social media launch campaigns achieved a 90.7% reduction in CPA (cost per full application), driven by 340 unique video ads and our paid search campaigns for Koyo’s launch delivered applications at a cost significantly beneath the UK industry average, driven by over 2,300 unique niche focus search ads.


CPA Reduction
Video Ads