Scaling paying subscribers for unrd's entertainment app

UNRD (‘un-read’) is a venture capital funded entertainment startup - reimagining fiction for the WhatsApp age. Readers enter the world of their chosen story by connecting to the main character's phone, the narrative then unfolds over time via instant messaging with realtime texts, voice notes, live streams from other characters.

UNRD appointed Growthcurve as their Agency of Record as soon as they secured their seed funding round and have remained clients ever since. We worked on a pre-launch strategy in select markets to build up a bank of pre-validated audiences and ad-creative de-risking the game’s high profile international launch which Growthcurve led all paid advertising for, and have since scaled acquisition campaigns globally.

When unrd launched the main aim was to establish ‘traction’ - i.e. will users engage with the app’s content over a long period of time or will they ‘churn’, and leave never to return. Using hyper granular attribution behavioural tracking, Growthcurve was able to identify the audience groups and markets where user retention was highest and then progress to helping optimise monetisation by testing and validating different business models so unrd could yield the greatest future return on ad spend.

The success of our User Acquisition campaigns for unrd is due in part to our ability to attract highly engaged users that would become paying subscribers for unrd's episodic content and retain well at scale. We have an ongoing testing and optimisation programme in place globally for unrd which involves consistently testing new creative, data driven audiences, ad-networks and channels across markets - working closely with the leadership and product teams to optimise onboarding and app features / functionality to keep early churn to a minimum and maximise revenue.

We’ve also consistently multiplied the impact of our paid campaigns by working with unrd to implement product-driven growth loops that help draw more players into the experience through direct and indirect referral and by deploying best-in-class growth tactics to our ad creative so that campaign reach extends well beyond the paid impressions.

So far we've helped unrd grow to over 2.5 million installs worldwide and have repeatedly demonstrated we can generate high yield paying subscribers for the app at well below industry benchmark costs. On the creative side our in-house studio has produced a range of class-leading advertising creative for unrd using specialisms like, motion graphics, playable / interactive content, animation, voice overs, 3D / VFX and live action footage with top influencers like Joe Sugg, Callux, Talia Marr and Georgia Harrison.