How we grew Wherefrom into the number 1 source of product sustainability data in the UK

How do you know if the food and drink products you buy everyday are good for the planet? You probably don’t, and that’s exactly what Wherefrom are trying to change…

Wherefrom are a UK based startup that have engineered a way to rate the sustainability of everyday food and drink products - enabling consumers to quickly understand the environmental impact of what they are about to buy.

Wherefrom hired Growthcurve pre-launch to devise a cut through growth strategy that would help them gain the traction required to close their next round of funding. We worked closely with the founding team to refine the proposition and define a product / data platform offering that had ‘growth levers’ built-in.

We then led all paid marketing for Wherefrom’s launch which involved awareness activity, first party data collection / research and user acquisition in a multi-sided platform context - that requires contributors, consumers and merchants to join. At launch we drove over 70,000 user generated product ratings in a matter of days with our precision targeted campaigns fuelled by custom-built dynamic data feeds.

ratings in days
sustainability data source

Through our ongoing a/b testing and optimisation work we were able to identify the optimal target audiences, the most effective ad creative and copy combinations and engineer high converting user journeys on the wherefrom site. The optimisations we put in place significantly lowered the CPR (‘cost per record’) for leads and CPA (‘cost per acquisition’) for contributors and community members allowing Wherefrom to grow much faster without having to deploy additional budget.

The campaigns helped build a passionate community of conscious consumers, created more than enough data to establish Wherefrom’s crucial sustainability score for thousands of products and helped secure interest from top supermarket chains and brands, as well as the company’s next round of investment.

To power Wherefrom’s campaigns we produced a diverse range of growth oriented design and creative - from live action awareness films to animation / motion graphic ads, illustrations and UI elements for the platform.