How The Kings of Finance Content Grow Their Paying Subscribers

Finimize use Growthcurve’s ‘Create Plan’ to produce a constant flow of multi-format adverting creative to acquire paying subscribers for their premium finance and investment content.

Finimize’s marketing managers have secure online access to Growthcurve’s purpose built Create platform where they can quickly and painlessly create new ad or content briefs using intuitive toggles and quick-response fields. On the platform they are able to request, review and receive creative - with realtime reporting on the current status of each deliverable.

Finimize are always in control of how their monthly create plan credits are used with effort and time estimates produced for every brief. From within the platform they can control delivery speed and quality-tier easily and scale their creative resources up or down monthly based on peaks and troughs in their campaign activity.

Finimize’s dedicated Client Partner also helps bring to bear the full weight of Growthcurve expertise in developing creative that performs, by reviewing the performance of the ads we produce monthly, suggesting new ad variants or creative experiments that could optimise campaign results, based on evidence based hypotheses.

To help keep Finimize ahead of trends we also schedule Quarterly inspiration sessions where the Creative Leads working on the account present best in class creative examples from our extensive list of clients globally along with inspirational ads curated from top advertisers that we think could perform well.

With the power of Growthcurve Create behind them, Finimize are capable of generating brand new high quality custom ads at immense scale helping optimise campaign results via iterative creative testing enabling increased campaign spend and faster paying subscriber growth.