Who else do you choose to grow the biggest board game in the entire world?

Growthcurve was approached by Monopoly’s mobile game publisher to develop a performance marketing strategy that could scale their paid installs across iOS and Android.

We onboarded Monopoly at the start of Q4, a crucial seasonal period for multi-player games with huge dates like Christmas where people the world over make time to socialise with friends and family and advertisers rush to capitalise on the increased demand.

We formed a team with deep-bench experience in user acquisition for mobile gaming and began mapping out a market by market strategy to maximise growth, across paid channels including social media, search and online display. Monopoly is a paid app on both platforms and has to be purchased up front with different pricing in different regions. After establishing Monopoly’s Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for each of the platforms (iOS / Android) and region we could set Cost Per Install (CPI) targets for each platform. Working with these CPI targets in mind Growthcurve’s media buying team were able to establish the most effective campaign structure for scaling whilst controlling cost.

Growthcurve’s creative studio support Monopoly’s always - on social, video and display campaigns by producing a continued flow of fresh ads based on live ad-group results. This allowed our media team to continuously have new creative under testing against top-performing ads, leading to incremental gains in campaign performance on an ongoing basis.

After we had set up an effective campaign architecture on Facebook and Instagram we progressed to setting up a funnel that would enable Monopoly to capitalise on the huge volume in search engine queries for the game. Using Growthcurve proprietary technology we spun up a web-to-app funnel that enabled us to server-side render personalised landing pages based and track user and keyword level data right the way through to app install and post install conversion. This is now an additional channel we’re able to tap into for Monopoly which has huge scale potential.